• With funding from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, the bwLSDF Project develops and exemplarily realises an upgrade of the Large Scale Data Facility for data storage for Baden-Württemberg’s universities. The project builds on the concept for “data storage in the framework of a Large Scale Data Facility (LSDF) for universities in Baden-Württemberg” from June 2010. Compared to the aforementioned concept the bwLSDF Project includes upgrades in two areas:
    • Upgrade of the current approach of flexible access methods on overflow memory:

Evaluation of technical memory access methods that improve application of the LSDF as overflow memory for the universities, adaptation of interfaces, optimisation of data throughput capacity and increase of availability and stability.

    • Upgrade of the LSDF concept with the “Virtual Fileserver” service:

Provision of virtual fileservers based on LSDF operated by the KIT and further providers (universities, institutes of technology), in addition to the already existing functionality as overflow memory for scientific mass data. 

  • Both upgrades enhance access to the LSDF and provide a new type of distributed data services by Baden-Württemberg’s universities. They enable a transparent and ubiquitous availability of storage resources for the users, using the existing state university network. Within the framework of the project, utilisation of the existing LSDF infrastructure is to be expanded to further university locations, thus further extending LSDF as a state-wide service.

Contact person: Sebastian Rieger, KIT