• The universities of the state Baden-Württemberg offer a large and steadily growing number of IT services and IT resources to their users. The IT services heavily contribute to quality and attractiveness of Baden-Württemberg’s universities. While these services are often optimised for easy utilisation by members of the respective home university, utilisation by non-members is often only possible with extra effort: external users often have to apply for separate access to each service and each resource individually, which is time consuming and prone to errors, because application approval processes depend on local circumstances.
  • With funding from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, a state-wide concept for a joint, federative identity management of Baden-Württemberg’s universities (bwIDM) is to be developed and exemplarily realised.
  • Goal of the bwIDM Project is to create in terms of authentication and authorisation the basics for services synergies across locations and for location independent utilisation of services, thus increasing both the national and international competitiveness and visibility of Baden-Württemberg’s universities.
  • With the state-wide bwIDM concept, seamless access on resources and services from across the state is to be made available from a local context: a user can access services and resources of other universities with his accustomed credentials, as if these resources were physically available at the users location.

Contact person: Martin Nussbaumer, KIT